How funny...

Isn't it funny?
Isn't it strange, after all?
In the middle of life, of an everyday week things just wist and you find yourself caught up in stuations you would never have dreamed of before... I just moved into my new apartment, I really like it but it feesl empty until Isabel moves in. She will come tomorrow, I can't wait.
Yesterday I went to this hawaii-party. It was fun until like 10, when they switched  dj:s... Bad idea! All of a sudden a bunch of dudes filled with tattos and  black hair starts coming in.. and I'm like "where are their hawaii shirts?". Anyway, I made it an early night, think I left around midnight.

And then there are people... Keep up your social skills, work it, call it, smile and be friendly... because it is all about networking, right? And it is nice, don't get me wrong, and it is important to keep up with your friends... It's just that sometimes it is nice to be alone. Do you know what I mean?

Laurel Wreath

Powerless fight shall be noted no more
And loss is nothing but a mere memory
Buried in the earth’s deepest core
Beholding the castle of victory

Looking back is only useless
For regret will  - not enhance
Better then to give nor break nor rest
To the next goal, the next chance

Time to proceed with the victory in hand
Envied by those you hate
Look upon your life’s conquered land
Life that no longer is managed by the whim of fate

Days flowing by like water thin
Happy like the smile of Harlequin
No thought, think less
Fill the space of emptiness

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