I can ride a bike with no handlebars

I can do anything I want
I can do anything I want Whenevver I want However I want
But I don't
Because that might hurt you, and I don't want that

Actually, I lied
I cannot make you happy forever, even though I would like to. If you let go of control, you will fall when the dip in the road thows you off.

We try to seize the day, because today is all we got, it's all anybody gets, because noone knows if we'll have tomorrow.

Look at me, I love to be alive and I live to live, progress, move forward and just... just enjoy life.
But I can not ride a bike with no handlebars, at least not for a longer time.

That road you walk

Life changes so fast sometimes. It's 2.55 AM and  just cannot sleep, although I really should and I was tired! But anyway... I just thought I should do an update. Finished my master thesis för my business master today. That feels good. Still have a dissertation to write, for my BA in drama pedagogics. But I'll work on that tomorrow.

Chris graduate high school on friday. I remember that day, six years ago. It was a great day. But the clean air.day after, that was scary. The emptiness, the vast room of nothngness and everything, owerwhelming choices... I found my path, which I'm really greatful for. BUt you do learn through life, that no path, no road comes without new turning points, new roads that can be taken. Take the one you are being truly guided towards, the one YOU know is right. I just took such a path. And even though it's rough sometimes, it will soon be smoother and I will be able to breath clean air.

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