Opening Night

So its finally here.
The night we've been waiting for, working so hard towards...
The musical Martyrion is about to be presented for the world!

I am so excited, so stoked, so happy... The crew has been fantastic all along, and it would be fortunate foor anyone to experience what I have experienced.

Love you all

Let's show the world what God has done!!!

Amazing night... :(

So I wake up at 4.30. No biggie, usually go right back to sleep. Except this time I'm not. At 5.30 I cant ignore that I'm hungry any longer, so i get up and eat some improvised breakfast. And watch gossip girl meanwhile. 
Then its time for sleep round two, or at lest that's what I thought. Back in bed, knowing that i am really tired and really need to sleep i lay wide awake staring out onto my messy messy floor. Thinking about what i could be doing with my time at this dark hour. Study. Clean. Do some laundry. 
Nope, instead i get out my laptop and answer emails, comments and now, obviously, write on my blog. Man, i wish it was later. 

Musical process

So Now it's officially two weeks left. Two weeks in which christmas must fit, along with all the "must-do's" But do we really must? Is that all what it is? Of course not. I buy presents because I want to, I clean and decorate the house because it makes it cozy... and I taake time off to be with my family, and contemplate the extraordinary miracel of a child being born, a litte boy that will save us all... if we let him.

So in honor of this child, because of the grown mans offer, the love, the faith, many, many people have followed him, loved him, even when the price was high. Even when the price was your own life.

It is hard to grasp in a country where religious freedom is something taken for granted. To get your head cut off, or your body ripped apart by hungry beasts because of what you believe in? But it has been a reality for so many, and it still is for some.

So this musical I'm working on, Martyrion (greek for "Witness"), is to honor the memory of some of these devoted followers. Of people who stood by their faith, even into death.

Rehearsal Process


Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal....

I dont know how many hours it is going to add up to in the end, but it sure is a lot!!
But it's awesome, i'm loving every second of it!

I have a great team, great project....

Yesterday we went to pick out costumes from The Swedish Film Institutes old costume shop. AWESOME!!!!
Never seen so many clothes in one place in my whole life! And with some holy help we very efficiently managed to find costume for every character! Bless!!!

Excitement blows away the tireness

So this weekend is rehearsal weekend! We're going to go through the biggest scenes in the musical, one by one. This will show how much work actually is left to do... Kind of thrilling!!!

But I am truly happy with the whole crew, everyone is just amazing!!

Yeasterday was a great day, went to the theatre and saw Peter Pan, then dinner and movie with a friend. Just awesome with relaxing nights, more of those please!!!

I'm at work now, about to go to bed.

Sleep tight!

Beginning of the week, and now begins the rest of my life

Monday night. For once, I'm not tired!!
Yesterday and the day before was so great, it's really been a wonderful and amazing weekend. Yesterday I baked some bread and cookies, aw well as "christmasifying" my apartment. Around six I went to my grandparents house for a cup of tea - very nice! I love them so much! Afterwards I went out to eat with some friends, and ened the night with a game of "Yuppie" -terrific game!!!

Today I had a lecture in stockholm and for the first time I wasn't at all tired! Great!
Now me and my roomie will have an impromptu makeover - Get the camera!

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