Opening Night

So its finally here.
The night we've been waiting for, working so hard towards...
The musical Martyrion is about to be presented for the world!

I am so excited, so stoked, so happy... The crew has been fantastic all along, and it would be fortunate foor anyone to experience what I have experienced.

Love you all

Let's show the world what God has done!!!

Postat av: mamma


It was GREAT!!! Well done, daughter:)

2010-01-04 @ 11:50:50
Postat av: mamma

It was GREAT!!! Congratz!

I am sooo proud of you:)

2010-01-04 @ 13:45:19
Postat av: mamma

oj - det råkade bli två...nåja, dubbelt grattis!

2010-01-04 @ 13:46:32

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