WOW, what a day!

I can't believe this day, but I've loved every moment of it!
We had a seven hour rehearsal for Martyrion, the musical I'm directing. Everyone brought so much energy, so much spirit and were in such a good mood that it all passed by very quickly!

Coming home (in such a good mood that NOTHING could have brought med down) I went to the store, bought some food and stuff, and then back home. Spent the evening adventifying my home, cleaning tha kitchen and starting to bake some bread! Man, I'm on a roll!!

Just got out from the bath tub, nothig is as relaxing as a hot, sentenced bath in companion with a good book.

I'm so satisfied, so happy. And so eager t continue this work!!!

God bless!!!!!

I can('t) help falling in love...

I see it happen all over the place. People falling – like leaves from the trees during fall – everywhere. All the time. For someone else. And I both pity and envy them. I wanted to fall so deep and hard for you. Wanted my dreams of the future to melt down inte our dreams of the future.

But here I stand, still incapable of blindly throwing myself out there. Both feet on the ground, planted, maybe scared or just too cynical. Eyes that have seen to much pain does not want to take risks when the stakes are too high.

”Rather love and be hurt than never love at all” – never. And let me say something; you can get hurt anyway. And you can love anyway. Even if the way you love is different, and even if the pain is only partly yours to bear.

But I think about you

Much to do about everything

Getting up knowing that you have a busy busy day really forces you to throw off the blanket. But today, busy busy is kind of exciting! It's theatre all the way, and thruth is I'm SO pumped for the task!
First rehearsal for the musical today, man it feels good to start!
Then some paperwork, of course, both for that and for my classes.

Living the dream, loving the life!

Sometimes like right now

Sometimes you're tired, yet full of energy and lust o life.
Want to sleep, to wake up renewed and ready to go, to become, to complete and behold...

Doing a masterpiece in collaboration with others. Lifefilling, triving, exciting... I want time to rush by so fast, like a fastforwarded movie, so I can get to the end of this year, see the result and maybe, finally, figure out if these choices were wise... or just plain stupidity.

Good morning, sun.
Good night, Harlequin, joker of fate.
Good morning to you!

70-hours work week

So, I'm about to fall asleep... I hope. Quite tired.
Tomorrow we'll have a read- through with the cast for the musical, quite exciting. But before that, I have a night of probably not too much sleep. Or I'll be lucky and sleep like a baby all night long!

After all, it's my own fault for accepting so much work. On the other hand, I like to help out. And monday will feel very sweet when I have all nitgh and all of the next morning to myself - unless I go to the lecture. That I should go to! Oh, we'll see...

Sometimes you just want to get away!

Surprising news

So she told me  "I leave on tuesday".
And I said nothing. I didn't stay quiet, but nor did I rejoyice in her delight, showing her how happy I am for her sake.
But I am.
I am also scared, althought I do't want to admit it.
I have no doubt in her, she will be fine. But I? I will be fine too, its just that...
I will miss her, so much. To see her in the corridor at work is one of the highlights of my job. Didn't tell her that.
She'll develope so much, grow in experience and knowledge. Didn't tell her that either.

I love you, sister. I did tell you that.

So long time ago, but its still us!

Taken long, long time ago. But its still us :)


So tired, yet so content. Job is finished, I have a new movie waiting and I don't have to leave the house anymore today! Yezz....

Now it's just me, feels a little odd after having been surrounded by people for so long, but it feels good too. SOme me-time.

Should I make some dinner? Or just eat popcorn? Hm, hard decisions to make...

Back from the sea

What a weekend!
On sathurday we went to Stockholm to see Paul van Dyke play. My roomies sister know him (and she KNOWS him, not just ran into him once) so after the show we went backstage, just teh five of us and his crew. Pretty fun!

Then yesterday we went on a cruise, and I had the most AMAZING dinner. Seriously, haven't had such a good meal in ages! Ate raindeer as a main course and then pear with creme brulée as dessert. Yummy!

Now it is pizza time and a chick flick. Sometimes, life is good...'


Lite mer än ett år sen...

Idag är det ett år och fem dagar sedan... Känns som en lång tid, samtidigt som det faktiskt inte är så länge sedan. För ett år, en månad och tre dagar sedan visste jag inte ens att du fanns.Under tiden som gått sedan dess har du gått från att inte bara existera, utan till att bli huvudpersonen i mitt liv näst mig själv, för att sedan bli ett mine som ömsom värmer, ömsom skaver.

Saknaden förvirrar mig, beslutsgrunden vacklar. Jag hoppas för mitt liv att beslutet var rätt, men det gör ändå ont ibland. Jag hoppas att du mår bra, att alla nya projekt är framgångsrika. Att du är framgångsrik. Att du är lycklig...

Solnedgång på min födelsedag, och många minnen som snurrar...

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