A very productive day...

and I LOVE to feel "duktig"! Like... well organized, productive... hm, any suggestions for a better translation?
Anyway, I woke up at work, wet home at 7 am, breakfast (with my wonderful, lovely roomie! *love you so much*) and then off to my other job. After one class I went to the gym, workef out (yeah, it's true - I don't just go the gym to hang out, I actually do stuff when I'm there!) and then home again for lunch.

After lunch, back to work and had another class . it was awesome! I spent the whole hour directing a scene infront of the (few) students that were there, but I feel like we developed the scene quite a bit. It is just SO wonderful working with a scene that really is coming along! After that a friend picked me up, we went to get som tea (or coffe) and then home, getting ready to go back to my first job and now I'm here! :D

Yesterday my dear friend Nicole sent me a link to a music video she acted in a while ago... It's really touching, check it out!

Music video from Chico!


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bra o.d.:allm. good <i at;

duglig äv. capable <i at (in); able;

effektiv äv. efficient;

skicklig äv. clever;

'styv', 'slängd' äv. fine, smart

kunnig proficient <i in (at);

kompetent competent; begåvad gifted

2009-09-19 @ 12:49:23
Postat av: Janya

Satsigt! Tack för tipsen :)

2009-09-20 @ 04:38:04
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