A new script is born... soon

So Today I officially started. Pen in hand (or rather, laptop open), focus on top and a with burning flame inside I finally started working on the next shoe. Possiblities are endless. The story dark and fascinating, Can't wait to get it done!!!
Yesterady I saw Hamlet on the theatre in Stockholm. Great show, really smart solutions in some scenes. 
Happy birthday, next play.

Postat av: marielle

with who did you see hamlet? And congrats to the new play sis :)

2010-01-10 @ 10:49:22
URL: http://admiratio.blogg.se/
Postat av: Janya

Anna-Maria. Great choice of theatre company! And thank you :)

2010-01-11 @ 12:18:27
URL: http://janya.blogg.se/

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