Spending time with my sister

Today started off as not so great. Missed the train to Stockholm at 10.09 I was going to take (Yes, I stod behind the freaking lattice barrier and saw the train leaving.) So then I decided to take the local train - guess it wasn't meant to be, since the door closed and the train left as I walked up to it. Awsome. So THEN I decid to take the bus, which would leave at 10.30. I ran to the stor eto buy a ticket and then back. Waiting. Waiting some more. Realize the bus at 10.30 doesn't run on tuesdays!!! So I had to wait until 11... What a great start!!!!

After having a few emotional breakdowns I finally get on the bus and on to Stockholm, fix my errands, meet up with my bundis and the back to Uppsala and work.

I got three new students today, which I'm very excited about!! After work my sister comes home with me, and I help her making highlights. We had so much fun!!!!

I love you, little sister, don't forget that when I embarrase you in front of your friends! ;)

...på Chris studentfest

Me and Marielle on Chris' graduation party

Postat av: Marielle

haha youre the best! thats for helping me with my hair. Haha I have never seen that pic, funny smile I got :p Love you!!

2009-08-27 @ 23:35:30
URL: http://marresweet.blogg.se/

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