That faboulus, ignorant bliss

Just got back from my friends house. It's really nice sometimes to just be able to bitch about reality. Parts of it are just so messed up. Like you wanna cut it all off, move across the ocean and be totally oblivious to what used to be home. That would be... lovely.

On the other hand, I really love my job. I got two new students today, so I'm really excited about that.
And I'm going to see my fair lady september 3. That should be really fun.
And Sama got home today! She's been living in Syriah for 8 months, working at the swedish ambassy. Such a hot shot, my friend ;)

Well, I'm off.

Me, Sama and Becci!

Postat av: Samaa

my dear friend, just dropped by your lovely page and saw what you've been writing about my arrivle from Syria.You are truely one of the kind...but couldn't you just put up a nicer picture of us? That was the worst I've ever seen, hahahah... Love u hun!


2009-09-05 @ 02:03:51
Postat av: Janya

Haha, but of course! i do try to write about every important event, and if your homecoming wasn't important,then what is! ;)

2009-09-18 @ 17:48:46

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