I can('t) help falling in love...

I see it happen all over the place. People falling – like leaves from the trees during fall – everywhere. All the time. For someone else. And I both pity and envy them. I wanted to fall so deep and hard for you. Wanted my dreams of the future to melt down inte our dreams of the future.

But here I stand, still incapable of blindly throwing myself out there. Both feet on the ground, planted, maybe scared or just too cynical. Eyes that have seen to much pain does not want to take risks when the stakes are too high.

”Rather love and be hurt than never love at all” – never. And let me say something; you can get hurt anyway. And you can love anyway. Even if the way you love is different, and even if the pain is only partly yours to bear.

But I think about you

Postat av: Marielle

bra skrivet.. <3

2009-11-29 @ 18:40:11
URL: http://marresweet.blogg.se/
Postat av: han..

love awakens dreams that tremble underneath the surface.. but when the dream ends and the surface is scattered, only loneliness holws back at you..

and I thing about you.. always...

2009-12-08 @ 00:10:43
Postat av: Janya

To sleep, perchance to dream.... but in the sleep of death, what dreams may come?

Jag tänker på dig med, inte en dag går...

2009-12-08 @ 23:33:00
URL: http://janya.blogg.se/

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