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Tonight was fun. After having been trapped inside with my essay in economic history Me and my friends went out. It must be something psycological, but getting dressed up and getting some make up on really is good for the mood! And listening to some upbeat music while getting ready doesn't make it worse ;)

Anyhow, after having been chilling a few hours my poor, getting-old-body told me it was time to go home. So I'm embaressed to say that I left them all to keep on enjoying themselves as I went home and finshed the night with "lonly mum's searching"", a dating show with single mothers.. .wow, I really know how to spice things up! Anyhow, this weekend there is a birthday party, and hopefully i'll be able to bring it then...

Sleep tight, everybody!!!!!

Postat av: Aaron The Truck Driver

Lonely Moms searching. Man that sounds desperate!

2009-10-31 @ 03:10:54
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