Ever since i was eight or nine I think it was about then it began
I've been standing on the shoreline
Always waiting
For something lasting
Loose your hunger, you loose your way
Get confused and you fade away Who are you? Where can I find you?


All eyes turn hollow
From the work of sorrow

Standing on the paving
By the office building
They've got so much to do
Never time for you I want to, I do, but then things comes in the way, guilt, time, priorities... and fear

We are shadows* I will always see you....

*Anna Ternheim

To stand on a shorelie, feeling the cold water touch your toes. Feeling and urge to step in it, yet the fear of the water swallowing you completely, making your skin and then your muscles numb.

Ling a little bit longer in Limbo.

Don't walk away.

Come back, to stay.

I love you...

Postat av: Marielle


2009-10-08 @ 20:59:32
Postat av: Barre

Vackert skrivet =)

2009-10-09 @ 00:31:36
Postat av: Janya Cambronero

Tack :)

poesi är bra för mycket...

2009-10-09 @ 18:59:53
Postat av: Rebecca

e inte det en av broder daniels låtar ? :)

2009-10-09 @ 19:17:08
Postat av: Rebecca

jaha okey men då kanske broder daniel bara har gjort en cover på låten ^^,

sv: har inte hunnit prova mascaran än, men min syrra säger att den är ganska bra. Är nog inte så stor skillnad på den nya och dom gamla

2009-10-10 @ 23:35:00

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