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So, back from Stockholm!
I was on my way to the train when the phone rings. Martin calls and says he just got of work - so I change direction and head to the old quarters of our beautiful capital. We sit down at this cute café and drink hot chocolate with whipped cream, and have a deep conversation about the important thing in life, such as boys, girls and, of course, Theatre!!!!

It is amazing how wonderful it feels to walk thorugh the narrow streets, lit by soft streetlights, and a faint smell of winter whispering by....

Postat av: Barre

Hahaha nej inte direkt. =) Fan vad häftigt, det vore ju riktigt najs att träffa honom =D En fråga bara hur kommer det sig att du skriver alla dina inlägg på engelska? ^^

2009-09-29 @ 08:23:05
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