New friends and old sorrows

I woke this morning and everything just felt like... well, bad. Isabel was in town, so she forced me to come out which was a good thing. After a good meal and some sun (imagine!) it felt better. I came home, cleaned, did some laundry and well, it helped too. A friend and colleague came over, and we did our nails and talked, it was really nice.

Its just that I can't stop thinking about... her...
If there is someone you love so much, that is in so much pain, its like every second you don't fight to make her feel better adds to the guilt you are carrying. I want to help more...

Postat av: Marielle

Känner exakt samma sak :(

2009-09-06 @ 13:49:05
Postat av: Anonym

O jag med...

2009-09-17 @ 21:50:20

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