Tuesday 160 mph

Wow, this day sure rushed by!
I'm currently at work, bedtime soon. I've been moving from A to B teh whole day, and I still feel alive! That's the benefit of actually going to bed before 11 pm...

Even though there are so many "musts" going on, I feel pretty good. Started this new course, entrepreneurship, and its a lot of fun! And even if this weekend sure gave me some unpleasent surprises, the shock has somewhat settled and I'm focusing on getting things done. After all, I have wonderful friends, a job that i LOVE (and a sister that I can share my bitching with, if I by any chance wouldn't be in great humor at work) and after all - fall is falling, and with it comes candles and pillows and long long movies :)

Life from the bright side...

Friday nigt out with friends


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