A wonderful weekend that already feels far away

It is amazing what sleep can do to you. In a few hous you'll be distanced to reality and the new reality isn't at all as exciting as the last one.
I want spring. Real spring. With birds singing in the morning and the last preparations on the stage being made. Start new preparations, to travel. To meet people. To enjoy myself, while I still can.
I had a great weekend. Just bummed that it is over :(

Long time, no see

It was a while ago now. Was waching som photos from Chico and it made me miss it so terribly. So much fun. SO different from here. I'll go back in two and a half weeks, and I can't wait, but it isn't the same at all. I miss going there. Doing auditions and hang out in the green room.
I miss the weather. And the resources - stages, tech, costumes...
I want to go back to doing theatre in California. It's the best.

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