Going here, going there

Saw "Shutter island" yester day. Good movie, I liked it. This poor guy, trapped in his own mind. Scary. And yet... he is so certain about what his mission is, where he is heading. What he needs to acomplish. It would be nice to be that certain of something. Anything.

I feel like I'm trapped, too. Trapped in my own mind, just in a different way. I know this is reality. And even though I should enjoy it, savour it, I can't stop myself from running around in the same, old circle, filled to explosion with analysis about different directions this path could take.

Welcome to adulthood, I assume. I just want to be a kid a bit longer...

So easy back then...

Midsummer night in Neverland

Its midsummer and i should have woken up with a smile on my lips. Instead, du to not falling asleep until 5 am, i jerked when the alarm went off  and sat up with a very confused look upon my face.

I have this feeling, worrying, unsettling... I dont like it. But then again, hopefully it will go away in the company of close friends and good food.

Have a great day!

By the end of the day a new day is dawning...

and I'm grateful for that, since today has been rough in its own kind of way.

Decisions, decicions, stand points and moral conflicts... To speak the truth, just be silent or take the easiest way out? What are the means and for what purpose?

In the end, who gets hurt the most - the friend you love above all, a person you just met, a nation in trouble or yourself? All, or none? How can it be avoided?

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