Valborg/Ceasar Chavez?

So today it is the last of april, where we celebrate that spring has come! Or just have a reason to get drunk at 8 am...  Think Ceasar Chavez but worse! I ditched all kinds of celebrations to be in rehearsal with most of my students. They're so good! The show is really coming along and I'm very excited.

Now I'm at work, working til 7 am tomorrow... Wow, I'm really going bananas here... hrm... You wouldn't recogize me! ;)

I love you girls!

By the end of the day...

you come home, tired and your mind is full of thoughts.
How did it become like this? When the road parted, did you choose the right path?

My head hurts a little. And I'm down, can't explain why. I have so much to be happy for And still, I watch these TV:shows and they make me cry like a baby. And it isn't even anything sad! But my thoughts starts spinning, and I cant make them stop...

Missing, hurting, harding, softening and missing again...

Could someone just offer me a shoulder to cry on?

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