The worst part of changing climate is how easily you become a most weak target to infections. After  night of three hours of sleep, having family members with a cold and  nine hour long day filled with meetings, the cold was a fact. I have never regarded myself as someone who gives in to a smaller illness, but yesterday i muched preffered the warmth in our house than the rythmic beating of clubs. 

Maybe it's just a sign of responisibility, of aging and maturing. Or maybe it's just a sign of the fact that sometimes, even I, am a bit boring. 

Nah, that can't be it!

It's raining, just to change things up a bit

Because it hasn't been raining since I came home. Not one single drop. Oh, no wait - I just dreamt that! In fact I think it has been raining every freaking single day. I mean, we joke around about the fact that a "Swedish summer" means a rainy summer, but come on! Can't it be at least a little bit nicer than this? I know, I know, you get spoiled with California weather, and honestly the east coast has pretty great weather as well. I just don't see the necessity of trading the weather as well as the country! Sweden is wonderful, but please -!- give me sunshine. 
And I have a cold, too. I gues it's time for Whiney Thursday, according to my bitching... 

If I were to see things from the bright side (which I will, evetually) I might have written something like:

It's raining today - again. Actually, I really don't mind it. I have a cold, which gives me a perfectly good excuse to stay in. To be curled up in the sofa working on my laptop while hearing the heavy raindrops falling against the window makes it realy coy. Soon I'm about to serve myself a hot cup of tea with honey and curl up again, this time with my book...

New Beginning

So... the first day at the new job. Exiting. Not so nervous, surprisingly. Happy. 
Like a new start, or at least the beginning of a new chapter in life. Not just because the job, obviously, but beacause... everything. Yesterday I had one of those meetings that lifts you up, that makes you in some ways think about the life you're living and what you are about to do with it. The only life you've got...

Now, I don't mean to be melacholic or anything of the kind, nor do I want to regret anything so far. But I do believe it is important to go over everything, just to make yourself aware about the life you are actually living. 

So, back to my new job. A totally new thing to do, in a new context. And challenging, too. Yes, I really have a good feel about this. I also have a good feeling about hanging out in Stocholm on one of the few days that actually offers a little bit of sun. 
And I have a pretty good feeling of the whole semester that is about to come...

Cheers to new beginnings - or just to new chapters in your life.

Home again

So... back to basics!
It's so funny, you step off a plane, 367 days after you got on it, and after two hours you wonder if you left the place at all. Sure, my sister is taller and my brother is stronger (aoch!), but other than that... Everything is just so... normal.
I mean, it is really nice to be home again, and I like it, and I'm not sad about being here - as long as I don't think about the states and what has been left behind.

I hope this coming year will be just as exiting as it is promising to be. To beat the last one will be hard, not to say impossible, but it can defenitely be a good year nevertheless.

As I am back in Sweden now, it feels like it would be the most natural thing to start writing in Swedish... unls there is any English-speaking readers still reading. If that's the case, let me know!

I saw a face...

So many faces has passed by. Faces you love, faces you dislike, faces that just doesn't stay in your memory. Isn't it funny how a single picture of someone can provoke such strong feelings? 

I've seen some friends these past weeks that I might not see again for a very long while. On the other hand, I'm soon to see friends I haven't seen in a very long time, either.  Then you have these random meetings with people you never expected to trade experiences with. And it makes you think, whether you like it or not. Or at least, it confuses you. And then, because there is already so much on your mind you stay quite indecisive as to pay it more thought or not. I think I chose not, not right now at least. After all, I will have the doubtful pleasure of a 9 hour long flight... before an 8 hour long layover in Paris. That's right. Eight freaking hours!

But I guess I can use that time contemplating all those faces that has passed by this last year... 

Soon over

So, bye bye D.C.
We part, for how long I do not dare to say. It might be a while... 
It's been a good summer. Starting out in Chico, no work, no worries - other than the fact that I would have to leave. But you can get over it. Then the capitl, and new work. New faces. New places. And now a week in New Jersey and then - home.


There it is again, that tingeling feeling. I. am. going. home. To my family, my friends, my beloved little Ceasar. Yes, that's my cat. Back to school, to everyday life, back to all those things that together makes what I call home. And it will be wonderful. And it will be awful. Maybe, and hopefully, I'll soon be so wrapped up in all the duties and the fun that I won't have time to miss, because I know that if I do, if I start to thik about the U.S. for longer periods of time... No, it just wouldn't be good for me, not yet.

For now, I will only indulge in the thought of falukorv, crisp bread and my baby (yes, my cat!).

Two weeks left

So... It's the final countdown ;)
Well, maybe not. But it is certainly getting closer to the departure. To home...
I can't believe that I'm about to see my family again. To see all my old, dear friends again. It feels like it was a different life. Then of course, in many ways, it was. But I know that as soon as I step into my house it will feel like everything that happened in the U.S. happened so very very long time ago.
Isn't it funny how fast we adapt? Survival of the fittest, you have to, otherwise you will be extinguished like a rare spieces of.. I don't know, whales? Of course, you could chose to stay in the same place your whole life, never change surroundings or scenario... but how much fun would that be? It would suffocate me.

Sometimes I come across stories of old friends; they are married, have kids, work on a job because it is a job but nothing more to it... And it scares me. To death. It is a reality so far from where I want to be. I's not that I have something against marriage. Or kids. (Well, maybe against kids, but anyway.) It's that the thought of being my age and... rooted... I might as well be in prison. If that sound to harsh, well too bad. Everyone is completely free to do whatever they want, but for Gods sake - don't expect me to give up my life yet. Or ever.

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