WOW, what a day!

I can't believe this day, but I've loved every moment of it!
We had a seven hour rehearsal for Martyrion, the musical I'm directing. Everyone brought so much energy, so much spirit and were in such a good mood that it all passed by very quickly!

Coming home (in such a good mood that NOTHING could have brought med down) I went to the store, bought some food and stuff, and then back home. Spent the evening adventifying my home, cleaning tha kitchen and starting to bake some bread! Man, I'm on a roll!!

Just got out from the bath tub, nothig is as relaxing as a hot, sentenced bath in companion with a good book.

I'm so satisfied, so happy. And so eager t continue this work!!!

God bless!!!!!

Postat av: mamma

Du har sån energi!!! Beundrar dig - alltid!

2009-11-30 @ 16:33:47
Postat av: Janya

Tack mamma!!!! Älskar dig!

2009-12-01 @ 00:19:26

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