No bullshit

I get so tired, so bored and so freaking uninterested when people start to yab plattitudes. " I think it is imprtant to be genuine from the beginning" *Yawn* Right, cause it wold be normal to seriosly say the opposite? Or ""He/she is so deep. I can see it in his/her eyes. I can feel it" Of course you can. Cause you're psycic. Or.. wait. No, you're not. It is so easy to fool people if you want to. It is even easy to fool yoursel, almost without knowing it.

So, quit the bullshit. (I might have been watching "ensam mamma söker", and that might have provoced me just a tad.)

Anyhow, I'm spending the night with the love of my life. The first one I miss when I'm gone. My little baby, my Ceasar...
Its funny how one can feel so deep for an animal (even though he is the best cat in the whole wide world), and be so distant when it comes to people...

Postat av: Barre

Hahah barn är ingen favorit lr? ;)

2009-10-18 @ 01:46:58
Postat av: Janya

Hahaha nej VERKKLIGEN inte!!!!

2009-10-19 @ 01:41:53

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