Why is it that we are so often driven to do things we know from the get-go are bad for us? And WHY is there so much info so accesible on the internet? Like facebook. You look someone up, and in less than five minutes you know more than you should, or at least you THINK you know more than you should, because your brain immediately starts filling out the bits and holes that are missing. 
I don't want to know what's going on. Yet some part of me do. 
I know I must focus everything elsewhere. So much going on, so much awaiting. 
I need to put a 110% into my new life. Now.

Postat av: Marielle

i know what u mean sis. därför ska man inte va vän med folk man inte känner/stalkar en/eller nån man bryr sig för mycket om som man inte borde.. facebook är en farligt bra "stalker" sida.. aja.. keep my update <3

träffas ngt i veckan? :) solo tu y yo?

2010-01-06 @ 04:14:06
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