Week almost over...

Got a visit from the big country i the west this monday. Boots, a classmate and neighbour from Chico came to stay for a few days on his way to Hultsfred. Fun! Awesome to have someone to talk about the good old PAC with :) And he got to teach my classes, he held a lecture on theatre-tech stuff :D
Also, less exciting, is tat I apparently can't stop coughing. It sounds like I have a rusty engine inside me. Not great.
And today I delivered a very late christmas present. But rather late than never, as they say...
Kan man bli beroende av hostmedicin?
Is it possible to get addicted to cough sirup?

Postat av: marielle

Usch va jobbigt det är att vara sjuk! Min sjuka börjar avta med pappa är istället jättesjuk nu .__.

2010-01-16 @ 12:44:57
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