To meet people unexpectedly, can throw you off. For a second, for a day, for longer than that. I met you, and I was surprised. My guess is, you were too. Still, I was glad to see you. I hope that you are happy, you deserve to be more than most people I know.

Turning around, looking up, seeing you there. A picture printed on my mind. Your eyes seeing me. That moment will always be ours.

It was a turning point for me. An icebreaker.

And I wish you all the best and blessings...

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I hade a dream where we were happy together. That dream i slowly fading away. A year has past and the damage is done but still that dream is still slizing me apart... In that dream I lay my faith, for better or worse, to keep me sane. But perhapas it will still just be a dream nerer forgotten...

2010-09-10 @ 00:40:32
Postat av: Anonym

that dream was true... we were very happy.

with the soft touch of time the reality does become like a dream, a beautiful vision... and all the "if"s are still hard to deal with sometimes.

2010-09-11 @ 00:09:10
Postat av: marielle

:') åh va fin..

2010-09-11 @ 22:37:05
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jobbigt men fint

2010-09-11 @ 22:37:44
Postat av: Anonym


2010-09-12 @ 03:23:37

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